Our Solutions for Chemical Industry manufacturers will help you meet and excel Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO requirements, customer quality expectations, and other standards. Our products and services provide an increased ability to log, manage and report on Operational and quality management-related information, a key requirement in meeting industry best practices and regulatory requirements. In addition, our consultants have designed and developed systems for chemical and gases manufacturers to proactively identify trends and indicators in your product segments.

In addition to regulatory challenges, most chemical industry customers are today facing increased competition and rising production costs leading to further pressure for cost containment. With our expertise in Chemical industry our consultants can provide you several efficient and cost-effective information technology solutions as an alternative to paper-based forms, disconnected systems, or manual processes to manage, track and report on quality related issues. We can also design and deploy systems and controls required to minimize the risk in the areas of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S).
Our consultants have developed and implemented completely integrated solutions that cater to oil & gas industry needs for whatever types of assets you own and operate. Our consulting services are industry-driven and flexible to support your business process requirements in financial accounting, land management, production reporting and environmental controls for domestic oil & gas operators & producers, non-operators, royalty owners and drilling clients.

Our consulting teams are staffed with individuals who possess real-world knowledge from working in the vertically integrated upstream and downstream Energy industry. People, above all, are the real energy in oil and gas, powering the industry to meet and beat today’s critical business performance challenges.
Our utilities industry consultants empower electric, water and waste management clients to thrive in today's market-driven environment by optimizing their business operations in customer care, generation, trading and risk management, transmission and distribution, regulatory compliance, and enterprise services.

Our utilities consultants understand that by giving people the right tools, information, and opportunities, a utility can become poised for success as a Customer-Centric Business” The role of software in a Customer-Centric Business is to harness information, enabling employees to convert data into insight, transform ideas into action, and turn change into opportunity.

Whether the needs are modernizing a call center system, replacing or upgrading a customer information system, adding customer self-service, or responding to new business requirements driven by market liberalization, Our consultants and partners can provide solutions that will assist your organization with turning the customer experience into a powerful competitive advantage and help your people deliver increased cost efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and improved financial performance.
At Active Global Support, LLC, we provide general insurance solutions to a diverse client base. Our consultants understand that without effective distribution management, insurance companies run the risk of losing their leadership positions. We understand that our clients need channel flexibility and support for an ever-widening portfolio of products to meet broker and consumer expectations. At the same time, they also need process efficiency, data accuracy and transparency, and IT cost savings.

Our consultants have helped simplify and streamline distribution management for insurance leaders and helped them achieve increased loyalty of independent and captive producers by improving service, decreased cost of servicing distribution channel and manage multiple types of hierarchies required for both captive and non-captive agents.

Our consultants have designed solutions to meet the complex needs of today's insurers, including distribution and producer management; flexible, effective-dated compensation plans; and multi-tiered compensation plans including commission, incentives and management/wholesaler overrides.

We also have the knowledge and expertise to implement and support software’s that help insurers respond to changing channel and market demands quickly and efficiently through user-configurable compensation plans and web-enabled, secure compensation reports.
Active Global Support, LLC provides manufacturing industry solutions to help fortune and mid-market manufacturing businesses achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and happier customers.

Our consultants have designed systems and solutions based on organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, building flexibility and controls into every facet of your business environment and increase the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.

Our consultants have the expertise in integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing and financial business processes to reduce costs and improve productivity, quality and control within your operation. Several of our manufacturing clients have benefited from our automation and integration solutions for their sales, marketing, support and e-commerce areas.

Our solutions for information exchange and collaboration with suppliers has improved procurement execution and reduced material costs without reducing manufacturing responsiveness and flexibility. We have designed solutions to support businesses for our manufacturing clients that operate at a single location or with multiple plants - across town and across the world.
Active Global Support’s retail management solutions will give you the edge over your competition with real time visibility of your sales and the information required to make smart merchandising decisions.

Our consultants have designed several real-time software solutions that manage all areas of a retail organization in one, single, integrated system. Active Global Support’s retail management experts have integrated retailer's point of sale, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, e-commerce, data mining, advanced reporting and more.

Active Global Support, LLC offers complete retail solutions that span systems, business units, and enterprises to enable seamless cross-channel execution, and deliver a unified customer experience. Our consultants have designed solutions that work with our client’s existing technology to leverage our client’s current IT assets, minimize implementation time and investment, and enable cross-channel and cross-enterprise visibility and management.

Whether it’s e-commerce web site, catalog call center, store operations, warehouse management, transportation management, internal and external integration, secure communications, or supply chain visibility management, our consultants have helped our client’s design and deliver the solutions that elevate the customer experience, grow revenue, and accelerate operational efficiency.

If you're like a growing group of savvy retailers wanting to drive down costs offer customers exactly what they want and improve customer buying experience, Active Global Support, LLC is the technology partner you will rely on to get ahead of the pack.
Active Global Support, LLC offers market-leading solutions and systems management support for end-to-end telecom industry processes. Our consultants have expertise implementing telecom solutions for wireline, wireless, cable, satellite, and various other specific industry sub-segments.

At Active Global Support, we offer an array of software services within the telecom and networking sectors. Our services include the development of telecom software solutions, testing, implementation and maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions. Depending on our client’s requirements, we offer turn-key solutions, (for fixed requirements) or time and material solutions (for more dynamic requirements).
Active Global Support, LLC’s transportation industry solutions and services make our client’s life easier. Our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals by helping them to save time. Time that our client’s use to develop more business, provide better services to their customers, use to plan, reflect, and make better business decisions.

Our transportation industry consultants have the technological knowledge and industry expertise to help client’s streamline their business process and supply chain management. Our consultants have helped clients be in trucking, dispatch, or fleet management business achieve improved levels of load management, real-time information access and the ability to implement and support state-of-the-art systems that make our client’s services both timely and cost-effective in comparison to their competition.
Active Global Support, LLC transportation consultants also understand that dealing with new laws and regulations, recruitment problems and rising fuel prices means that being in charge of a trucking fleet is often challenging. Our consultants have helped client’s implement systems that provide our client’s the solidity, reliability and smooth-running force to manage aspects of fleet management such as truck maintenance.

Bottom line, our consultants have a single goal to design systems and solutions that will help you manage every facet of a growing fleet with integrated, comprehensive and easy to use features that ensure unsurpassed efficiency and greater profit.